The confidence was gone from his eyes. Fear was flooding in to fill the void, and along with that blood was pumping from his nose and trickling into his mouth. He tried to cry out, but the pain from between his legs was somehow rendering him silent.

She took a step back, careful to make sure that she still had a good grip with her left hand, and flicked her hair out of her eyes with her right. She then closed it around his chin and made him look into her eyes.

“Where is it, Adam?”

He tried to blink through the tears that were welling up from the broken nose and focus on her face; who was this woman?

“I haven’t got all night!”

She twisted her left hand and his crotch exploded in another ball of agony. What did she want?

“Come on Adam, the drive. Where is it?”

It all made sense now. She must have been one of the ones that they identified and she did not like being on that kind of list. He could feel her hand flexing, she was going to twist harder, he was sure.

“On my desk, in the porcelain dog. Really.”

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