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Lilith Etch in Glen Arklet – January 2024 – Morning Round Up

Here is a gallery of the morning’s results from the day I spent in Glen Arklet with Lilith Etch.

Lilith Etch – January 2024 – Part 2

Lilith Etch – January 2024 – Part 1

Once again my friend and co-creator / accomplice Lilith Etch returned to Scotland during January and so I was able to spend some time working with her.

We did some outdoor work, despite the cold and I am genuinely in awe of Lilith’s ability to work this way, and we experimented indoors with my super wide M mount lens, and we finally got around to shooting some decorative Shibari.

Over the next few days I will be posting some images, so do keep coming back to see what’s coming next, but for now here’s a little taster…

I have an ongoing project about shadow, light, darkness and form, and yesterday I had the good fortune to add to it with Lilith Etch.

Here are some photos from the shoot;

Once again I have been lucky enough to arrange to work with a fantastic, nay World Class, model in the beautiful surroundings of my home in Strathard in the West Highlands.

Lilith Etch is a Swedish model and artist who splits her time between working as a travelling model and working in Sweden and Denmark when she is not “on the road”.  I discovered her work early on this year, through a mutual acquaintance and was pleased to discover that she was looking to visit Scotland later on in the year and was more than happy to make time for us to work together.

Here are some images from the time we spent working in Nature – there will be more of her from the studio soon…

Last Saturday (as per entries passim), I spent some time photographing a model from the US, who works under the name Floofie. We spent some of that time in a local studio in Sevenoaks, adding to my “Shadow Walkers” project.

The image above has been chosen for this post specifically because it is Facebook safe (or ought to be) so I can publish this post ‘everywhere’ without fear of repercussions, but if you would like to see the rest (NSFW), you can see them in either of the following locations (the Flickr link will require that you are signed in, to at least a free account, and that you have set your content filter accordingly, whereas the 500px link will just require you to toggle nudity):

Shadow Walkers – Floofie (on Flickr)

Shadow Walkers – Floofie (on 500px)

Comments / feedback always welcome 🙂

Shooting at The Roost…

I have had an epic weekend, including 8 hours of shooting at The Roost in Hackney yesterday. Here are a couple of shots that I’ve managed to work-up already, more to follow as well as a fuller account of my epic weekend…

Rebekka Raynor - Yes M'am! Miss Pixie - Window Portrait

Your thoughts, Dear Reader, would be appreciated as ever…


More Experimental Nudity…

Nude Light Painting - Georgie

Thoughts please..?

Experimental Nude Photography

This worked out well, as far as I am concerned…

Lou - Experimental Lighting - Nudes 

What do you think..?



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