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Photo Galavanting – Ayr and Dunure

For about the last. year or so I have been, from time to time, heading out on wee Photography day safaris with my friend Becky. She and I met about a year ago and became fast friends, bonding over Photography, Star Trek and a number of other fandoms. It’s been lovely to make a new friend, at a time in life when new friends are so often an elusive possibility, and to have an accomplice with whom I know I we are both free is likely to be up for heading somewhere new or familiar, camera in hand, to explore, be outdoors and generally goof around whilst also giving new approaches and new subjects a try.

Last Sunday we went to Ayr beach, each of us just with one camera, one prime, to see what the day would bring and have fun with photography, and I got some really great photos that I am proud of, and so did she. That and we got to walk on the beach, which is always great, but was especially nice due to the fabulous Indian Summer we are having at the moment. We went on to explore Dunure, a small and delightfully quaint fishing village with a ruined castle, lovely and well preserved harbour, just a quarter of an hour or so down the old coast road to the south of Ayr.

I should mention, while I have your attention Dear Reader, that Becky is a fantastic photographer and artist – she was short listed for the Aesthetica Prize this year. You can find out more about her and her work here – Becky Probert Photography – I am very pleased that she chose to feature a portrait that I took on that page.

Anyhow, here’s some photos from the day in question…

Once again I have been lucky enough to arrange to work with a fantastic, nay World Class, model in the beautiful surroundings of my home in Strathard in the West Highlands.

Lilith Etch is a Swedish model and artist who splits her time between working as a travelling model and working in Sweden and Denmark when she is not “on the road”.  I discovered her work early on this year, through a mutual acquaintance and was pleased to discover that she was looking to visit Scotland later on in the year and was more than happy to make time for us to work together.

Here are some images from the time we spent working in Nature – there will be more of her from the studio soon…

On Tuesday last week, sandwiched between 2 days of meetings in London I was able to organise another shoot with a model visiting from the US, and indeed another model who had heard of me thanks to Floofie (see posts passim – first of the two images in this post after the copy of the poster.).

So, I present the fabulous Jin N Tonic (she has several web presences, but her current IndieGoGo is ending at the end of this week, so it seemed like the best link)

Fame at last!

Well, ok, not fame as such, but I have got my first bit of photographic online fan(ish)-world coverage, as today I am the BLAB Blog’s Tuesday Tog.

You can read the article here

Thoughts, ideas, comments etc. there or here would be much appreciated…

In other news, it will be another week before I have a real picture about what’s going on with my knee / leg, as I need to see a consultant at the Royal Berkshire Hospital a week today. More news when I have it…


Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday was a good day…

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart

Congratulations to them both; may their marriage be long, happy and filled with an ever-deepening love.

(Many more photos to follow, but I __am__ at work right now…)

Trickle, trickle…

I seem to be getting time to look at / work on about one photo a day at the moment… Anyway, here is today’s offering:


I hope you like…


Learning new things…

I posted some more pictures from Cape Town last night before heading for bed, specifically the pictures that I am pleased with from our excursion up Signal Hill to watch the sunset, and one of my contacts on Flickr tagged this picture:

Twilight Shooting

with a term that I had never heard before – Rückenfigur

As such I have joined a group about it on Flickr and added the picture to their Group Pool; I like learning new things…

If you want to know more about it, then click here …

You can see the most recently uploaded pictures on here, or Flickr – there will be more later today, or tomorrow…

Stolen from a friend on LiveJournal…

This ACTUALLY made me laugh out loud:


Hooray for that!


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