The morning was cold as she stepped out of the apartment door, her silent little companion shivered a little on the end of his leash, his feet touching the street for the first time.

The sun was only just coming up as she set out towards 24th, the morning walk’s payoff in her mind’s eye; a Turkish from Philz. With her hood up and her eyes down, she passed by ‘outdoor sofas’ and locked gateways until she cut east to walk past the elementary school with its incredible murals. The Mission was still showing her new beauty in the form of its distinctive street art; the Mexican Mural style.

Her companion was dragging behind, as he always did, checking every tree, hydrant and newspaper machine to see if he should pee there or save himself for a more important waypoint in the local canine equivalent of GPS .

There on the corner of Folsom and 24th was the reason to make this early morning odyssey; the finest coffee in San Francisco, and perhaps the world.


“Hi, can I get a Turkish with cream, please?”

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