This year, beginning again on my birthday, I decided to write a ‘Ficlet’, which is a type of Flash Fiction created and promoted by the site Basically a ‘Ficlet’ is a piece of fiction that is no more that 1024 characters in length, or to put it another way a 1K story.

Having now been creating one of these mini stories every day for over a month, I thought that it was time to add a page to the blog here about the project, and I am going to x-post some of them here as well.

You can read my daily ficlets at the following addresses:



365 Ficlets

(in a crazy and ‘how to piss off bugeoning communities in one fell swoop’ – read standard operating procedure for this half-assed group of monkeys laughingly called a company – AOL have decided to pull their support from thereby killing the site, it will be closed from the 15th of January… In response I am no longer trying to use the site at all, and I have cloned the Blogger blog as my backup)

and I would love to hear feedback there or here if you have the time…

Thanks for dropping by,