“Can I buy you a drink?”

She smiled and held his gaze, exuding confidence, trying to hide her nerves behind the bravado of the moment and the two gin and tonics.

“Do you want to buy me a drink, or do you want to come upstairs?”

She steeled her nerve, nodded; this was what she wanted. She followed him, making a point to let her eyes linger on his rear every few steps, relying on the magic way in which people ‘feel’ the gaze of others.

As the penthouse door closed she pushed him against the wall. She buried her mouth into his neck and closed her left hand around his crotch, her right against the side of his head. She felt his body move in assent, so she gently nipped his neck and tightened her grip in both places; he continued to respond.

This was all going to plan.

She slid her left hand up and under the waistband of his trousers. As his body told her that he was focused in the way she wanted, she drew her head back and brought it down on the bridge of his nose as she tightened her left hand suddenly.

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