She let out a soft moan as he spared her any more teasing and parted her lips with his tongue. Her taste was like heaven to him and from the way she started to gently but urgently thrust her pelvis towards his mouth he was fairly sure that she was getting something out of the bargain as well.

He slowly eased the tip of his tongue between the folds of her quim, making languorous circles from her clit to the edge of her vagina. Her sex began to open up to him, and she became wetter, her body giving him cues that she herself was too pre-occupied to give. He slid his tongue back up and then closed his mouth around her little bud, gently sucking it into his mouth and playing his tongue across it.

Her hands slid into his hair at the back of his head, pulling him into her body, and the thrusting of her pelvis from before became more urgent, her breath now in halting gasps and moans.

He felt the small spasms in her thighs and then his mouth was flooded with her juice as she came and came pushing his head into her.

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