The bombs are falling again, and so I dare not go outside. I ventured out a little while ago and all I could see along the road were bodies and abandoned cars, luggage and so forth. I don’t understand why they had to bomb the roads going in and out of Gori, there were only normal people on those roads, trying to flee the fighting. Did the damn Russians really think that Georgian loyalists were going to poke their heads out of their holes once the word came down that the Russians were coming. The people that they shelled and bombed were the people they claim that they are coming to liberate; people who had seen enough civil war to know that there would be no safety even if they cheered their liberators into town.

I have enough food and water now to last over a week, so I will lie here in the dark, with enough fuel for the lantern to eat and perhaps read a little when I can stand the boredom no longer. I do not even care who runs things. Georgians, Russians, they are all the same; they just want to fight.

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This Ficlet was inspired by the item on the English front page of Wikipedia today (11th of August 2008) outlining that the Georgian Government has approved a State of War for the next fifteen days, in response to the Russian invasion in the disagreement ove rthe sovereignty of South Ossetia.