“Six! That means we turn right, right?”

“Yeah, and walk three blocks. Come on”

It was starting to get really exciting; three moves in and we were already exploring. Of course that was the point. When Jane had suggested that we play Discordian Monopoly for our first night out on Manhattan I had initially been a little unimpressed. I warmed up to the idea when she had offered to pose for me at every other move, regardless of where we ended up; suddenly this was a mini art project and I could no longer resist.

As we walked down Waverly Place, along the northern edge of Washington Square Park I was getting excited. Jane was fearless about it, but I could tell that there were a lot of people around even though it was late. We were going to have to be really quick to not draw a lot of attention. I wanted to shoot her leaning on a lamp post with the arch behind her. I metred and framed my shot and then she dropped her coat and darted into the frame; we were rolling the dice again inside thirty seconds.

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This Ficlet was inspired by the collaboration of Romney (From Livejournal) who contributed Dice, a street corner and ‘finding the way’ in response to my weekly request for a thing, place and activity on my LJ.