“There is no question in my mind that he has been using drugs, and using them for at least the last three months.”

No one looked shocked as this pronouncement was made. In fact the cold acceptance of this statement made his point for him – everyone had known that Cory had been taking drugs for some time, they had simply been unwilling to tell anyone in authority about it.

“Moreover, I am pretty certain that some of you have been taking drugs with Cory. It is important to note that in this one and only instance there will be no repercussions for anyone who comes forward. In fact we are asking those of you who have perhaps been experimenting with Cory so that we can make sure that you are not at risk from whatever is wrong with Cory.”

There was an amount of uncomfortable shifting in seats and murmurs as the other kids started to react to John’s speech. As per his request I was watching to see which kids or groups of kids looked less shocked, more resigned as they heard about the amnesty that was on offer.

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