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I love April Fool’s Day…

…well that’s not altogether true, but I __do__ love the April Fool’s Day efforts made by the media; for example;

Fake Labour Party Election Poster from The Guardian for April Fools Day 2010

I also rather liked this gem:

CERN in talks with London Underground to use service tunnels attached to the Circle Line for the next generation particle accelerator…

(Thanks go to Paul and El / ellefurtle respectively for these two little happinesses 🙂 )

Also… absolutely KILLS, once again 🙂 - 23rd December 2009 - 'Christmas Plans..?'

Hurrah for intelligent humour – long may it reign…

I’ve just been pointed at this…

…funny and educational 😉

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Stolen from a friend on LiveJournal…

This ACTUALLY made me laugh out loud:


Hooray for that!


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