There is nothing left here now… My parents are dead. There is no inheritance, I have no other family or people. As I stare down the valley from the ruin of the humble home that my father built over thirty years ago I am struck by one abiding thought; I can be anyone that I want to be now.

While my parents were alive there was a requirement for me to settle down, live a sensible life. I did not manage to do this while they were alive, but I have no intention of memorialising their lives with my own. While they were alive I could not be honest about my real goals, now I can actually embrace my desire to remain unmarried and free. I can work only as much as I need, in order to travel and experience the world. There is no danger in openly choosing men as partners as often as women, no longer do I need to fear the recrimination of failing to be the person that they wanted. I am sorry that they are gone, but the possibilities available to me now are so wide and varied that I am consoled and freed from my grief.

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