“Are you sure? We’ve got a lot riding on you being right about this.”

“Look, demons cannot abide holy ground. If we can get into the church then we are safe, at least until they can persuade some human to desecrate the place, but I think that we are ahead of them on this one. Anyway, come on, it’s just around this corner.”

They started running again and a few moments later they turned the corner. Like a beacon of hope the white church was stark against the clear summer sky behind. There were no sentries; Luke was right they were first. Ebba felt her spirits lift for the first time since they had started running, and she threw her head back in relief as they ran through the gates and up to the church door.

Unfortunately her joy was short-lived. As Luke pushed the door open, Ebba caught a glimpse of the large red stain on the altar and the inverted cross. She tried to call out to him, but before she could speak a hand had reached out and dragged him inside. She heard from behind her;

“Hello Ebba. Welcome.”

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