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I have an ongoing project about shadow, light, darkness and form, and yesterday I had the good fortune to add to it with Lilith Etch.

Here are some photos from the shoot;

Last Saturday (as per entries passim), I spent some time photographing a model from the US, who works under the name Floofie. We spent some of that time in a local studio in Sevenoaks, adding to my “Shadow Walkers” project.

The image above has been chosen for this post specifically because it is Facebook safe (or ought to be) so I can publish this post ‘everywhere’ without fear of repercussions, but if you would like to see the rest (NSFW), you can see them in either of the following locations (the Flickr link will require that you are signed in, to at least a free account, and that you have set your content filter accordingly, whereas the 500px link will just require you to toggle nudity):

Shadow Walkers – Floofie (on Flickr)

Shadow Walkers – Floofie (on 500px)

Comments / feedback always welcome 🙂

There are more to come…

…but I wanted to share with you, my lovely reader, the first two photos that I have processed from this weekend’s shoots.

I want to thank everyone that volunteered, and especially thank Kat and Bex for not only volunteering AND showing up, but also for both being fun and rewarding people to work with, and for allowing me to get a little bit closer to the “end” of the particular project that they feature in, which I am prepared to to say will be closing (at least the first round of it) as soon as I have another 5 subjects photographed for it, as long as those five subjects include AT LEAST three male ones… To which end, gents, please feel free to volunteer… 😉

So without further ado, here are the first pictures from last weekend…

Kat - Low Key Light Painting

Bex - Low Key Light Painting

Your thoughts and input would be much appreciated, as ever…


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