On my birthday in 2007 I decided to start a project. I decided that I would attempt to take one portrait per day until the day before my birthday 2008. I set out to do this without repeating a single subject. The portraits had to be taken of willing subjects who knew that their picture was being taken, so I couldn’t just snatch candids with a long lens.

Headshot - C. Oliver Godby, taken by Simon Manby

It was hard work, I feared the possibility of running out of people to shoot and failing because I could not find a subject in amongst the to-ing and fro-ing of daily life, but I was resolved to try, and I succeeded.

You can see the project in its entirety here.


New Gallery Show in London – 15th -> 23rd September…

There is now a blog post about the (first) exhibition here

You can download the press release here

and you can download the programme here