“I don’t think that you understand, James. I’m not saying that I’m not attracted to men anymore, I’m saying that I have discovered I am attracted to women, and I am being honest with you about the fact that I slept with one.”

James’ face fell even further, and he seemed to gasp for air as he tried to speak.

“You slept with someone else, Ken? I mean let’s put aside that it was a woman for a moment and deal with that. How could you cheat on me?”

Ken’s shoulders fell, as though he was relaxing having shed a heavy burden, and he slumped back into the armchair, his head in his hands. He could not look James in the eye.

“James, I… I did not feel as though I was cheating at the time, it felt as though with it being a woman I had an excuse, but I feel as though it was now. I feel guilty now, and you should know that it happened, but how could I cheat on you? I don’ t think that I ever could again, but that assumes that you can forgive me and that we stay together.”

James nodded;

“Let’s try. I still love you.”

“I love you.”

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