She tried to focus on the comforting tones of Radio 4 as she picked her way through the wardrobe that had stood unused for five weeks. She had walked up to it so many times, but in the end she had not been able to even open it before.

“The Prime Minister today answered questions…”

It had been a good idea to leave the radio on loud enough that she could hear it in here. When he was around there had always been the sound of the Home Service, as he had enjoyed calling it; at least since the kids had moved out and taken their ‘dreadful noise’ with them. Truth be told she missed their music almost as much as she missed him insisting on the radio…

She steeled her nerve and reached in for the first hanger.

It was his grey Harris Tweed. The one he had bought to still have a smart daytime jacket after he retired. It seemed a shame for it to go straight to the Oxfam Shop. For a moment she wondered if her soon-to-be son-in-law would want it; he was quite smart. Certainly her own son, Gerald, would not have any use for it.

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