“It eludes me.”

“I know that, that’s one of the things that I really like about you.”

“Why would they do this? I mean it doesn’t make any sense.”

I nodded and smiled. Even faced with the reality of it all and even with all of her intelligence and education it was her feeling for humanity, or rather what is good about humanity, that came to the fore.

“Look, I understand how this upsets you and how it confuses you in equal measure, but I need you to dig in right now. We will never understand this, but we do have to prepare the public for it as if we do. You know?”

She nodded, and headed out of the office. As my door started to close I could hear her delegating tasks and asking for work from the team. She was going to be okay for that one day, but then I was going to have to have some answers for her.

I picked up the photographs from my desk and tried to make myself look at them again. One hundred and seventeen dead, another two hundred plus injured, and for what? I needed to have an answer when Sheena asked me again.

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