“Mr. President? We need you to make a decision sir. Sir?”

This was the first time that he had been put in this position. President for all of two and a half hours, the oath sworn in the Oval Office what seemed like mere moments after his friend, the former or indeed late President was pronounced dead. The Chief of Staff and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs were standing on either side of the CIA Director, the Resolute Desk between them and him.

He could hear the ticking of the clock that the Swiss Prime Minister had brought for Ted. The stewards had not yet cleared the Oval of Ted’s personal things. God; Rosemary would still be at the hospital, but his kids were up in the residence. He looked up. The three of them were still there.

“Jim… Is there any scope for a non-military response here? I don’t want it to seem that what happened to Ted led me to over-react.”

The Chief of Staff put a hand down on the desk.

“You need to do this, Mr. President.”

Mr. President, that just did not sound right; at least not this way.

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