The long drive home was becoming longer and longer as the last can of Red Bull wore off. Joel opened his window and started slapping his chest in time with the loud fast music (Clutch of course) coming from the stereo.

The string of orange lamp posts stretching off towards the main junction for Birmingham, like a string of flourescent beads. He was a few miles from Birmingham and that meant there was only an hour of driving left ahead of him if he kept his wits about him and his right foot down.

He looked over his shoulder into the back of the car to see Lottie and their little daughter Rose soundly asleep, the cutest of smiles on both of their faces. How were they sleeping through the music? He needed to rest; he needed to put their safety ahead of his desire to get home. In his heart he knew that there would be trouble if he kept driving, that he would not be able to stay awake. He could stop and get more Red Bull.


He could not hold the steering straight; there had been a blowout. At least he was awake…

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