Andrea was completely silhouetted in the lights from the squad car, stood over the corpse whose coming to rest on that corner, on that night had dragged them from their beds at three in the morning.

In that moment it was easy for Dan to forget the dead person lying in the street, and marvel at how impressive she was. Only out of bed only ten minutes and she was already ten times more focused than he would be until the rest of the coffee in his hand had been taken on board, like fuel for his brain. How did she do that? Maybe she did not sleep.

He knocked back another slug of the bad, convenience store drip and placed the box on the deck. He started getting the camera ready to shoot the scene, looking up from time to time to watch her taking notes and moving in a slow spiral towards the body, noting the placement of shell casings and other detritus before she even reached the body. He clipped the adapter from the ring flash onto the hot shoe and checked that there was a card loaded.

“Ready for the pictures?”

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