She smiled as she ran her fingers through his hair. The early morning sunlight was filtering through the blinds and across his face as he slept on, peaceful in a way that she had not seen for a long time.

All of the time that he was away she had worried that he was not sleeping. Many times before they had become a couple she heard him explain that he did not sleep well when he was left to sleep alone. She had wondered if other women hearing him explain this felt the way that she did, that it sounded awfully like he wanted a woman to be in his bed just so that he could get a good night’s sleep. Once she decided that she wanted to be that woman, and once she had become her, she came to realise that this impression was not quite correct. While it was true that he slept well with her in his bed, she was left with no doubt that it was actually her presence rather than a presence that was the key.

She traced a fingertip across his brow; she slept well with him too, but she particularly loved waking him with a kiss.

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