“She’ll never love you, you know.”

Tristan stepped out of the shadows as the cab pulled away and lit a cigarette, as if to underline the theme of unattainable pleasures.

I shrugged and started to walk away.

“Where are you going Paul? It’s not as though you can escape me, I’m your guardian angel; heh heh heh.”

I turned on my heel and stared deep into his eyes and made the relevant arcane signs to begin casting, holding them still in front of me.

“No Tristan, you are a demon, and if you continue to be so unsubtle in your attempts to tempt me I will send you home.”

He took a long draw on his fag and chuckled;

“Touched a nerve did I? You know that it doesn’t matter what happens, yeah? I mean you know that the love she does have for you will never bear the shape and form that you desire, right?”

I nodded;

“Yes Tris, and yet I choose to be friends with her and I respect her; it’s called love.”


I began to trace certain symbols in the air and began to speak the words, but he was gone before I was even close to finished.