Through half-closed eyes I could see the lights on the tree twinkling in the corner of the room. The others had all gone into the other room to watch something or other on the television, and I had decided to stay put and have a nap. I was just thinking about going back off to sleep when I felt a hand upon my shoulder; it was Rach.

“Hello, babe. You didn’t want to see Doctor Who then?”

I smiled up at her, enjoying that she had came back in to find me.

“No Rach, but thanks. Come and sit with me, babe?”

She smiled and plonked herself down next to me and snuggled in. The kids were up in their bedrooms; video games having claimed their souls after Christmas dinner was done. My sister and her bloke and my parents were, according to Rach, watching some dreadful reality TV show about dancing; filled with food, and with my woman next to me I was pretty certain that Christmas could not get any better.

“I need to tell you somethin’, Felix, are you awake enough?”

I nodded.

“I’m pregnant, and it’s yours. I’m going to keep it.”