What is there other than this? A fairly broad question I’ll allow, but one that merits thought nonetheless. Is there not a moment, or a day or a week in the life of every modern man and woman when they wonder if they were really brought into this life to eat frozen pizza, keep up the numbers using public transport and either watch or berate those that watch populist television? Sure there are the people who live unexamined lives, the people who do what they are told, without reflection or consideration, but if my life has taught me anything then those people are actually few and far between.

There’s not many who spend the majority of their time questioning their existence either. For most of us it is as Harry tells us, a fleeting thought that passes in and out of the transom of our minds, when we are confronted by death or injustice or just the horrifying spectacle of the dullness of our lives, from time to time. You want to know the secret that they will never tell you? Being dead does not change any of this.