“Where are they?”

“Er, third drawer down, I think. I bought them months ago to be romantic with Becca and then she left me before I got around to it.”

“D’ya think that might be why she left? Romantic is not something that you ‘get around to’ you know?”

Cheryl was right of course, but my lack of spontaneity was not the only thing wrong for Becca and I. When all was said and done I was not the right woman for her and we knew it, but the circumstances of our beginning and some great sex made letting go too terrible an option. Like any relationship the cost of ending it was added to, multiplied even by the way our families and friends would be affected, and then there were more mundane things, like our mortgage. The horrible truth that we were not a good fit was too much to contemplate until one day she snapped and just left.

Cheryl found and lit one of the candles, and we laughed together in the soft yellow light as we realised that with the power out we could not even make tea.

“I’m sorry Teri, I know you did try.”