The party was jumping for sure. The kitchen was full of people, and lo it was indee a party.

John leaned back on the kitchen unit and let himself listen to the converstaions around him…

“Well she really likes to suck cock, so I think you ought to be looking for friendship and no more.”

“What are you saying?

“Well you need to think about how much you will disappoint her with your distaste for blow-jobs.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you don’t like to have your cock noshed on, and she likes to suck cock, so I think that you are better off not trying to date her, you know?”

Off to the side…

“No, man, Punk Rock is not the same as Punk! I know that it’s a fine distinction, but we need to clear this up, yeah. Punk Rock is the US evolution of Punk and gave us bands like the Ramones and all of the bands that came after…”

“Yeah, Felicity is unwell, and so I need you to recommend an alternative drummer apart from youself.”

“The figurine started to crumble, but as if by magic a handful of the good earth starts to hurt favourites.”