I can tell you is that dying is the easy part. Don’t misunderstand me, pain is pain, and if you die in pain then clearly it won’t be ‘easy’, but it’s nothing to the pain of carrying on. Seeing the people that you left behind grieving, coping, healing and then moving on; that’s pain.

Imagine seeing your lover every day as their soul is held against the flame, week after week, and yet you cannot reach out to them and let them know that your connection to each other while no longer physical is no less powerful in death.

Now imagine that time passes, they heal, and though they never forget you, there comes a day when you watch them all day long and it becomes clear that they have not been troubled by their grief; that life carries on. Of course you want and indeed need them to be happy, but oh what a subtle edge to this particular turn of events because now they are turning away from their memories of you. Then one day they touch another the way they touched you. Imagine all that; dying is the easy part my friend.