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Day: December 23, 2008

365 Ficlets – Day #228 ~ “Homeward Bound”

“There it is.”

“What? What are you pointing at?”

I pointed out, through the windscreen, into the darkness while keeping the wheel steady with just the one hand.

“I can’t tell what you are pointing at, babe. I want to just get it, but I’m tired and I’ve been in this car for hours now.”

She offered me her cute “I’ve had it but I still love you” face that we both know always means that I cave in and I did just that.

“You see the red lights going up in a straight line on top of that hill?”

She perked up a little;


“Well that is Winter Hill, there’s a big TV mast there, and it’s the landmark that tells me I’m home. Day or night you can see it from my room, and round where I grew up everyone knows it. it’s one of the things that is ‘home’, you know?”

She smiled, a perkier smile, and seemed to be enjoying being introduced to THE NORTH, and more importantly to my home. There was a brief flicker of incredulity in me, followed swiftly on by joy; I’d never brought a girl back home who seemed like they wanted to go before.

A Christmas Card…

With apologies to KatQ, PaulS, Uncle Manamar, Jamie Amy and Mal, DT, Tansy, Louise Rob and Rhufon, Ysharros, Anne and Col M, Pete and Helen, MelB, Matt Heath, Steph, Tom and Ellie, Franny and Sanza and MANY MANY more that I am remembering every time I think about this, like Paul and Penny and Karen, Ewan and offspring…

Here is my Christmas Card to all of you and one of you all at once. If you are trapped at work you can pass nearly half an hour laughing at me as I try to remember to wish every last person in my life a Merry Christmas, like a demented Generation Game contestant screaming ‘Cuddly Toy!’ at every opportunity (well not quite, but you get the gist)

You know next year it might be easier to spend the money on cards and not worry about the environmental wastage that would be my sending out 200-300 of the things… 😉

A Christmas Card From Me to ALL OF YOU! from Oliver Godby on Vimeo.

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