Jonas stared at the mixer, trying to work out why he had said that he would DJ. It was one thing to put sets together in his room at home, where there was no one to hear his amateurish beat matching and no one to groan out loud when he mis-cued a track. William was finishing his set, and the crowd were already worked up into a frenzy. If he had not been concentrating on the first three tracks that he was going to spin Jonas would have been as carried away by Will’s set. It was an easy trick to play, but hard to knock based on how good a reaction he was getting; he was looping a key-change section that built toward a crescendo and mixing in a good complimentary beat underneath. It was the mixing equivalent of bringing the crowd to the brink of orgasm and then slowing it down again and going around one more time.

“You ready to go? I’m going to build this one more time and then you need to cue-up for your takeover, ok?”

Jonas nodded, trying to look cool, to not sweat so much; this was it. Time to prove it.

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