Michael tried not to utter a sound, but try as he might a small whimper did escape his lips. He looked around hurriedly to try and ascertain whether or not anyone was paying particular attention to the stall that he and Sadie were in. Satisfied that they remained undetected he relaxed a little and let himself enjoy the moment. He looked into Sadie’s eyes as she looked back up at him, grinned mischievously and then flicked her tongue across the tip of his cock once again. It was like a small electric shock that started there and shot to the base of his prick, then accelerated across his body. The combination of the massage that she was giving to his balls, and then the intermittent and almost lightning licks, followed by her breathing her gentle, cold breath onto him where she had made him wet with her tongue, was the most delicious torture. No one had ever prolonged his pleasure like this, and he savoured every moment.

“Are you ready?”

He nodded and waited; the world exploded behind his eyes and he came.

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