I woke up to find Sara sitting by me on the bed, her feet by my head, gently stroking my morning hard-on. There was a glint in her eyes and a subtle, cheeky smile on her face;

“Good morning baby…”

I smiled at her and took in the lovely sight of her body laid out before me in the dappled early light trickling into the room through the blinds. I have long been fascinated by women’s bodies, but hers was pure and beautiful; living art to me.

The love I had for her was the only thought I can remember being in my mind in that moment, but I want to believe that I took a second to appreciate how lucky I was to have her in my life, my heart and my bed. There is something truly special about having a lover that delivers on love’s promise.

“I love you Sara, I really do.”

She nodded and then in one swift motion she threw her knee over my body and knelt above my face. As she lowered herself onto my mouth she turned around and said;

“Happy Birthday, baby.”

and then she took me in hers and the world went away.

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