Jana looked at the letter again. What on Earth was she going to do about this? She thought that Adam was long gone from her life. It had been a long time ago, when they were both a lot younger. They had been at University together. They had run headlong, practically hand in hand into the kind of love affair that people generally only experience in their youth.

They say that the flame that burns too brightly never burns for long, and it had not been long before the cracks had begun to show. She had needed a saviour, he had needed to be someone’s hero. He was good to her, he had not pressured her into sex too soon, he had not smothered her with his constant presence, he had not been jealous about her time… The problem was that she was not really in love with him. She cared about him, she enjoyed his company and his mind, his affections and yes his body, but she did not really love him.

She ran away. They had tried to remain friends, but they drifted apart. Now here he is in a letter, coming to see her. Why?

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