Jason cradled his camera and took a deep breath as he took in the view. The sun was already starting to sink over the Isle of Sheppey and as such was no longer the bright disc that it had been just half an hour before. Now the sun looked for all the world like a glowing orange that a giant hand was placing very slowly onto the horizon.

The sun was finally low enough for him to look through the view-finder and try to compose the perfect Whitstable sunset. The gulls were wheeling in the light wind between Jason and the sunset; it crossed his mind that he could hope to capture a gull in flight against the fiery sky.

He breathed deeply one more time, checked that he was sat comfortably and then raised the camera. In the same way that he had been taught to shoot in another life he steadied the camera and took a long slow breath in, then started to let it out slowly, waiting for the shot to be right. A gull crossed into the frame and Jason held his breath. He made a final check and pressed the shutter release.

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