It was the middle of the night on the plane. After the initial excitement of drinks, food and the thirty different features, most passengers were sleeping. The lights had been dimmed and the only noise, apart from the ambient hum of the engines, was the low snuffling of sleepers, and the gentle rustle of airline blankets.

This was Ferdy’s favourite time to be in the air. There was a magic to night flights that really appealed to him. On a daylight flight there were too may excitable children and groups of friends chatting instead of politely reading their books or plugging into iPods and laptops. For a lot of people air travel is a necessary evil, a trial to be weathered or tolerated. Ferdy loved the sense of wonder that flying still brought him.

He got up out of his seat and padded softly to the back of the cabin to see if any of the cabin staff could sneak him some extra nuts, juice, or couple of cokes from the business class passengers who got a can to themselves instead of having a glass poured for them.

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This was written on the flight to CapeTown (big surprise!), but clearly I did not have a connection to post it until now 🙂