“Are you sure?”

“What do you mean, am I sure? Are you kidding me? We’ve been talking about this for weeks! Why are you askin’ me now if I’m sure?”

“Because this is the last chance that you have to back out and I wanted to be sure that you are sure.”

“Look it’s not making me angry, but why do you assume that I’m going to back out of things? I mean if it’s just that you want to make sure that I’m happy then that’s fine, but it feels like you are assuming that I will let you down.”

“Look, let’s not get into that now, okay? I wasn’t trying to suggest that you are going to back out, really. I just wanted you to feel like it was okay, I mean it’s a big deal.”

The mirror was sitting between them, the blade to one side, the light glinting off its sharp edge.

Howard picked up the knife, never once moving his gaze away from Petra, but somehow managing to draw it across his palm and spill a small pool of blood on the mirror. He wiped the blade clean and placed the knife back on the table, hilt to Petra.

“Ok then, your turn.”

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