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Day: October 6, 2008

365 Ficlets – #150 ~ “Border Crossings”

“Eli, come away from the windows, it’s dangerous!”

He snorted, as he always did when she told him what to do. With grudging slowness he let the curtain fall and stepped away from the window.

“You know Molly, we are hundreds of miles from the Golan. I really don’t think that they would be lying to us on the television. There would be instructions to head for shelters if we were in any immediate danger, you know?”

She smiled at him, amused and relieved by his certainty;

“Then come and sit at the table. You should eat.”

He glanced down at the table, there was enough food for when all four of their children had still been living at home, but he was in no mood to have a fight about that; their two boys were up in the Golan with Syrians streaming over the border. He had been looking out of the window, trying to imagine what it was like for his boys crouching in the darkness, clutching their rifles, cowering from the shelling and watching for other people’s sons coming across a line on a map. There was no way to imagine.

This does not yet appear on due to a technical problem with that site and its OpenID login, i.e. I can’t get on the site, logged in.

This Ficlet was inspired by the front page of Wikipedia for the 6th of October 2008, in English. The Article was from the “On This Day…” section from the 6th of October 2008 and concerned The Yom Kippur War, which began on the 6th of October 1973; you can find out more here.

I went back through some old Aperture Libraries this evening…

…and look what I found:

Cathy in the Sheets


Bunny in the Sheets

Hooray for letting time pass and then finding new joy in old endeavours 🙂

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