“Will you shut up? Honestly you really do spout some crap from time to time! I’m not leaving you; what the hell gave you that impression?”

She started to wipe the tears away with the backs of her hands; the panda eyes now became racoon markings. Why was she wearing mascara anyway, we were just ‘about the house’?

“I don’t know Ted. You’ve not come near me all weekend, you are always on that bloody mobile and never in front of me. I think anyone would assume that you were cheating at this point!”

So it was going to be like this; heaven help me.

“I don’t want to spend the whole weekend rutting and you think that there’s something wrong? Jill I spent every night this week trying to get you in the mood; candle-lit dinner to flat out demanding you suck me off, and everything in between. Now, when I’m having a crisis with the event you wonder why I’m not chasing your pussy all over the house? I love you, darling, I’m not leaving, I am not seeing anyone else. Please let me work before we’re living on the street, ok?”

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