365 Ficlets – Day #35 ~ “The Bargain”

Robin licked his lips and then ran the tip of his tongue along his teeth, enjoying the sensation of their slight sharpness. He turned to his guest;

“So you would like me to help you with this… problem? I am amused that you would come to me for assistance in this Rodrigo; surely our blood has been in conflict too long for your pride to stand it.”

Rodrigo showed no weakness in his face, but Robin could see the indecision behind his eyes; the desire to simply get up and leave rather than dance with him.

“You know that there is no way my family can deal with this slight; your brother has long been protected by those even more powerful than you.”

Robin nodded and decided that his old rival was probably prepared to offer almost anything to get his daughter back. Besides, Robin had no love for his brother and to see the Queen’s champion brought low would amuse him no end, as well as settle an old, old score.

“You know what I desire, my old enemy. Pay that and I will bring Persephone to you within one week.”

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365 Ficlets – Day #34 ~ “B.A.S.E.”

Leland paused on the edge, enjoying the suspense that he was prompting in the people behind the fence. He knew that there were some people who would never understand why he was about to throw himself off a cliff, but he also believed that a lot of those ‘safe’ behind the fence would want to jump as much as he did, if they could.

He looked down, checking that he had remembered the launch point correctly; that the landing was in the same state as when he had visited in advance. All was as he remembered it. He took three large strides back and looked around; people were starting to pull out cell phones. He needed to get on and jump before the Police showed.

He took a deep breath and launched into a run, and then he was free. For just a second he was flying, his forward momentum carrying him away from the cliff and staving off gravity. He tucked up as he began to fall, turned a triple, and then opened up, arms and legs outstretched, as he pulled his chute. Hanging there he was at peace, surrounded by silence.

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365 Ficlets – Day #33 ~ “Anticipation”

Nicola smiled a private little smile as she re-read the last sentence of the email;

“When I see you, I am going to kiss you; you can stop me if you want to, but if you don’t I will keep kissing you until we have to stop for food, sleep or both.”

He was very sure of himself, she thought. Still she knew that he had every reason to be; every time she read that sentence she could feel her whole body answering him. She found herself not only imagining the kiss, but what would come after if she had her way. She would lean back against the wall and push his head down between her legs. If that was the kind of thing that he liked then she was not going to deny him anything else; he could ask her for anything and she would be glad to give it to him. She already knew that she wanted him. She already knew that in a relatively short period of time that she could love him. Now she needed to be reassured that there was no selfishness in him as a lover and then the spell would be complete. It promised to be a good weekend.

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365 Ficlets – Day #32 ~ “Southbound on the Bakerloo”

Serena looked at him again out of the corner of her eye. He was looking straight ahead, lost in his music, now that he’d said hello. She turned her head and looked at him. She had felt his eyes upon her, day in, day out, until he had noticed her ring and then he had not really looked again. It was rare in her experience for a man to be so respectful of her status.

He was nothing special to look at. Overweight, scruffy looking, long hair and a beard that were clearly personal choices, rather than the best use of his features. She was intrigued by his reasons for standing to her left every morning, and always acknowledging her, rather than treating her like a ghost as most passengers did. She made an announcement and then resolved to watch him for a clue.

As the train came to a stop she realised that there was a door that was almost always just a person’s width to her left; she always stood on the same mark. He did not look back, just boarded the train; he was saying ‘morning’ to be polite, nothing more.

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365 Ficlets – Day #31 ~ “Last Stop”

Walter stared at the simple metal table in front of him. He had wondered when he first came into the room why they would have a table made of metal in there, but then he saw that it was bolted to the floor, and then they shackeld him to it with the handcuffs and it all became clear. Wooden tables are easier to smash than metal ones.

He flipped through the typed statement that had been left in front of him; they had been smart enough to secure his left hand, leaving him his right hand to write with. Stupid pigs – they never even asked if he was right-handed. Still he was not going to sign this fiction, so it really did not matter. They had left him some smokes and a coffee, so he lit one up and settled back to try and enjoy his alone time; it would not be long now. He drew in a large lungful of smoke and gave the customary, defiant eye-fuck to the one-way glass mirror that the detectives were hiding behind.

He heard the commotion start as he was dimping out the cigarette; clearly James was here. Time to die.

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365 Ficlets – Day #30 ~ “No Ordinary Night Shift”

Jacob looked out across the forecourt of the filling station, trying not to be bored. He was searching for anything even remotely out of the ordinary to take his interest for even a moment. He was sick to death of midnight to eight shifts. Keeping the door locked for security purposes meant that he never got to talk to any of the tiny number of customers. They did not tend to like being locked out either.

The person filling up a motorbike on pump five was annoying him. They had not taken their helmet off despite the signs. Through the drizzle and the bad sodium light he couldn’t see whether or not the car parked at three was even planning to take on fuel. The driver was still inside after five minutes – what was that about? He glanced back down at the till sheet that he was getting ready for the shift change, but when he looked up again there was a shotgun pointed at his head through the glass he knew to be less than shot resistant, despite the brave stickers claiming that it was. Of course it was the biker.

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365 Ficlets – Day #29 ~ “Crossroads”

I keep going back to that moment, trying every time to work out exactly what happened. We were driving home, Sara was in the passenger seat next to me, her hand nestling in the back of my neck idly stroking the hair at my nape. We were talking about the wedding; who we would invite, what the food should be. We even had a silly argument about who should DJ the party and then we were laughing about how we would need ten hours to get all of our friends a decent set.

I have driven that road so many times. I have driven it since; there should have been no surprises. We were happy, and then the car was sliding. I still don’t know what happened, but I must have lost the back wheels on some oil or perhaps some black ice – it was a cold night. Time slowed to a crawl. As I threw all of the right-hand lock on to try and get the tail back I saw the fear in her eyes. I locked her eyes with mine and tried to tell her that it would be okay. I couldn’t recover the slide, and in the moment that I knew it we hit the wall.

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365 Ficlets – Day #28 ~ “Rainy Days and Mondays…”

Oscar stared out at the rain, hitting the pavement so hard that there seemed to be a wave of splashes up to the pedestrians’ knees. He wanted to be out there, bathing in Nature’s rinse cycle. He had loved to run in the rain until he was out of breath and then stand, arms outstretched, face to the heavens and let the falling drops drench him and wash him clean.

He turned away from the window, and gripping the wheels on his chair he propelled himself back to the computer. With home-help and a better chair and indoor modifications to pay for there was no way to blow work off and go out in the rain; besides Annie would have a fit. He had to show her, somehow, that he was not made of glass just because of the accident – that going out in the rain would be almost as joyful as it had always been. That having to dry out a wheelchair as well as his clothes was not really a terrible disaster.

He keyed the computer back to life and logged into the server.

“Back to the accounts!”, he thought to himself. He smiled.

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365 Ficlets – Day #27 ~ “Inconsistent Reality?”

Peter mopped his brow again and squinted in the torchlight. He was supposed to be on the A303 , on his beautiful bike and probably exceeding the speed limit if the truth be known. Instead he was holding a drill, and sitting next to an unexploded bomb from the Second World War.

Even as far as he was concerned, the job he did was a job for a madman. In the same way that only firemen run into burning buildings, only bomb disposal experts crouch in cramped spaces next to a thing that could level a whole block, and then fiddle with it. Most people just get as far away from the damn things as they can; why did he get into this? He pushed away the recriminations and tried to concentrate; his team would be back with better lights soon, and they would want to know his thoughts.

He ran his hands along the cold metal looking, or rather feeling, for a casting seam that might give away which type of device it was or where it was made. There was none to be found; was it his imagination or did the casing feel too smooth?

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365 Ficlets – Day #26 ~ “Tell the Truth…”

Serena settled back into the cushions and waited to see if Tim would bite. So far the evening had been one of truth-telling, but would he confront the issue that she had just raised, or change the subject?

“The thing is, Serena, you are right. Sex without a condom does feel much better, but not for the obvious reasons.”

Oh he was going to bite! Marvelous!

“What do you mean, huh?”

“It’s simple. If you care about someone enough to get tested and wait while they get tested and then trust each other enough to be monogamous and also that there is some form of contraception being used, then you can have sex without a condom, right?”

She nodded, not wanting to admit that she had simply rolled the dice and ignored all of these perfectly sensible precautions in the past.

“Well there is nothing between you, so the connection is complete, and you can come inside her, which has an incredible emotional and physical pay-off; it’s about the chance of procreating in the end.”

She smiled. She was right about him.

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