365 Ficlets – Day #35 ~ “The Bargain”

Robin licked his lips and then ran the tip of his tongue along his teeth, enjoying the sensation of their slight sharpness. He turned to his guest;

“So you would like me to help you with this… problem? I am amused that you would come to me for assistance in this Rodrigo; surely our blood has been in conflict too long for your pride to stand it.”

Rodrigo showed no weakness in his face, but Robin could see the indecision behind his eyes; the desire to simply get up and leave rather than dance with him.

“You know that there is no way my family can deal with this slight; your brother has long been protected by those even more powerful than you.”

Robin nodded and decided that his old rival was probably prepared to offer almost anything to get his daughter back. Besides, Robin had no love for his brother and to see the Queen’s champion brought low would amuse him no end, as well as settle an old, old score.

“You know what I desire, my old enemy. Pay that and I will bring Persephone to you within one week.”

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