365 Ficlets – Day #33 ~ “Anticipation”

Nicola smiled a private little smile as she re-read the last sentence of the email;

“When I see you, I am going to kiss you; you can stop me if you want to, but if you don’t I will keep kissing you until we have to stop for food, sleep or both.”

He was very sure of himself, she thought. Still she knew that he had every reason to be; every time she read that sentence she could feel her whole body answering him. She found herself not only imagining the kiss, but what would come after if she had her way. She would lean back against the wall and push his head down between her legs. If that was the kind of thing that he liked then she was not going to deny him anything else; he could ask her for anything and she would be glad to give it to him. She already knew that she wanted him. She already knew that in a relatively short period of time that she could love him. Now she needed to be reassured that there was no selfishness in him as a lover and then the spell would be complete. It promised to be a good weekend.

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