Power to the PEOPLE!

Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name of” is the UK Christmas Number 1!

I am so happy!

To every person who bought a copy of this excellent record;

“You rock, harder than granite in spandex!*”

(* As coined by my good friend Kathryn)


Auf Wiedersehn in Berlin

So, what can I say about seeing Rammstein Live aus Berlin..? Sarah said it best when she told me that she had explained it to her colleagues as the German equivalent of seeing Queen at Wembly back in the day. Let’s just say that they / it did not disappoint in any way shape or form; even this morning over früstuck we were both still saying “awesome” with a somewhat whistful look on our faces.

What was undoubtedly as cool as being there and the music / show / atmosphere all really delivering on expectations was being there with someone who was as excited and happy as I was – I am deeply thankful for Fate’s hand in that for sure.

It has also been lovely to be back on Berlin, and once again reclaim my favourite city from the “I went there with…” place that it has been since March 2007. To wander around the Weinachtsmarkt at City West, to go for champagne at KaDeWe and just generally ride the Stadt Bahn and feel present in Berlin has been just what I needed.

And so now back to the UK, back to work for four more days until Weinachten in Huy with my family – all together again for the first time since the wedding in August; I am looking forward to it far more than I can reasonably explain…