“England expects that every man will do his duty”…

…and every woman will do her duty as well, I pray!

Please help to make a stand against X-Factor, Simon Cowell and the general dumbing down of mainstream culture in the UK by buying a copy of “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine from a UK digital download provider, such as iTunes (UK), Amazon (UK) or 7music.co.uk, as all of these services contribute data to the UK chart.


If enough people buy this single instead of the vacuous crap put out by Cowell’s X-Factory there is a __hope__ that the Xmas number #1 can be a song that means something and represents the true meaning of rock and roll instead of being some half-baked wannabe covering a power ballad with Auto-Tune and a ridiculous production budget hastily papering over the cracks in a questionable talent that needed a brainless talent show to rise to the top rather than appearing on its own merits.

Thanks for your attention – I reckon it would be a quid very well spent…

More Shadow Walkers – Finally a Chap!

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Ben - Dark Nudes

Ben - Dark Nudes