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Month: January 2010

More proof (as if you needed it if you’re reading this blog)…

…why voting Conservative in the next General Election is the “worst idea evah!”(tm):

Diagam showing Conservative and Labour voting patterns on Gay Rights

Thanks to @nicktelford @amykate @littlespy for bringing it to my attention between them (Twitter Identities all)


With today being the day that Tony Blair faces the Chilcot Inquiry, I was very pleased to say that at least one person in the mainstream press is speaking for me and my views on the subject:

Armando Ianucci

Let me know if you feel this way too…

Wow, there is a lot of hate out there…

So the iPad; I never realised how much hate there is out there for Apple until this product launch…

Before anyone launches themselves down my throat in an attempt to immediately enforce the reality that Apple have finally bitten off more than they can chew and have doomed themselves to becoming a failing business once more with the release of the iPad, I have not made my mind up yet, and I won’t until I can actually get my hands on one. That having been said it is a beautiful looking device:

Apple iPad - Initial Marketing Image, copyright Apple Computer

(The image is also a link to the current iPad section of

So what are the naysayers all about?

#1 “The iTampon” – Seriously? The name is __clearly__ a reference to a pad of paper and a nod to PADDs from Star Trek. I mean, ok if you are eleven years old and have just found about menstruation, but otherwise, please get a clue.

#2 “There’s no camera!” – On a device of this form factor? Really? Or is it just that we have got to a place where every portable device that is ever created now HAS to have a camera built into it. If you really think that this is an omission that “kills” the product then you are not thinking about how and where this device is projected to be of use.

#3 “No multi-tasking!” – I have seen __several__ people bemoaning that they won’t be able to listen to music and read an eBook at the same time, but the iPad is running a “version” of iPhone / iTouch OS X, so the one thing that you will be able to do is listen to music AND carry out another task at the same time, JUST LIKE THE iPhone; idiots! Also, again in terms of the paradigm that the device represents, multi-tasking is not as important as you might think; it’s never stopped me fully utilising my iPhone as a connected device for productivity, entertainment and communication, so why would it be a show-stopper for this device?

Basically the iPad is supposed to be a better, more convenient, longer battery-life, smaller form-factor device designed to better attack the need that netbooks have been trying to fill for the last 18 months. Very few people out there are using netbooks as their main machine; they are a stop-gap device that is lighter to carry, allowing email, IM, Twitter, web-browsing and video consumption on the go without carrying a full-weight laptop, but if you need to run Photoshop or DreamWeaver, or Final Cut then just as a netbook would not be the correct device for the job, neither will the iPad be appropriate. For all the rest, for casual connected use and as a leisure device that could certainly be a good “while I’m traveling” business device as well, there is iPad. All the positives of a netbook with none of the annoyances.

Like I said I will wait to hold one before I __really__ make my mind up, but if the iBooks and eBook reading experience are good / easy on the eye I would want one just for that alone, so the ability to wordprocess (iWork, sold separately 😉 ), listen to music, watch a movie and a hundred other things including playing Geo-Defence on a 9″ screen…

And then there is the App-Store; almost 100% compatibility with existing apps and a new SDK for iPad specific development – this is going to be a really great year for those of us that are open to doing some of our computing a new way. In true Apple style, the iPad really is all about “Think Different”

I saw a hero of mine on the Tube last night…

…but I was “trapped” at the other end of the carriage and rather as expected he got off the train at the next stop (Westminster). Still it was nice to see him and to see someone of his stature using the Tube rather than insisting on a car and driver. So without further ado, Lord Ashdown, on the Jubillee Line:

Lord Ashdown on the Tube

Now, “Back to the accounts!”, so to speak…


Oh the FAIL!

Has anyone else seen the article in the Guardian about a Southern Californian School Board that has withdrawn dictionaries from classrooms because they were discovered to accurately define oral sex..?

Here is a link to the story

My friend Tree found this picture on the internet that adequately sums up my feelings on reading the above:

Double Face-Palm

I thank you!

I continue to be bemused by the world…

Read this:

God is in the details, or at least in your sights…

now look me in the eye and tell me that the article in question did not raise your weird quotient for the day…

Can’t can you?


This is worth watching…


Give a major charity that is on the ground some money, ok?

You can afford it if you can read this – yeah I’m looking at you…

(Medecins sans Frontières got mine in case yo’re wondering)

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