365 Ficlets – Day #315 ~ “Weirdo”

“Sorry, did you just say that you don’t like pizza?”

She nodded, a mischievious glint in her eyes and a crafty smile on her face; she knew that this was going to mark her out for special attention.

Daniel stopped for a moment, marshalling his wit, and meeting the gaze of his audience, each of them in turn, preparing them for what was to come.

“You actually have the gall to claim that you don’t really like pizza? I must say that I applaud your honesty and bravery in this company, madam! Even so, despite my quite genuine respect, I must say that as the indigenous master of the great flat food it is my sacred duty to challenge your position, and indeed show you the very grave nature of your error.”

The room errupted in peals of laughter and pockets of impromptu applause, and Daniel rose to his feet, and bowed deeply before starting to speak once more;

“Since the dawn of time, or at least since the nineteen-sixties, people of taste and learning from across this sceptred isle have known the joy of pizza in their lives.