365 Ficlets – Day #296 ~ “Moondancer”

The cold clear water of the brook feels good in my hands, clean and fresh in my mouth. It is a fine night, here in the high country under the moon and stars, far away from the sights and sounds of man. Even the hikers whose camp I can see below the waterfall are enjoying the wilderness with a sense of respect. I can see no litter and their food has been properly secured off the ground and away from the camp. They are sitting around their fire with a guitar and heavy blankets, singing quiet songs and from the smell of things enjoying a joint.

I watch them for a while, drinking until my thirst is slaked. I remember being tied to their world, and a pang of jealousy does strike at my heart. Even with the life of wonder I now lead I miss the simplicity of a normal human life – Starbucks, Chipotle, The Movies, videogames and the internet. Still, I have my night’s work ahead of me, no time left to linger. I say a brief prayer to the Owls “watch over these innocent souls” and disappear into the woods, unseen, unheard.