365 Ficlets – Day #311 ~ “Dancing to Nothing”

“What the Hell is going on in there?”

I was pointing into the tent, where getting on for five hundred people were dancing, in the half-light, to absolutely nothing.

A stereotypically dismissive teenage boy tutted under his breath and shook his head before saying;

“You never seen a silent disco before?”

This was the first time that I was made to feel old during my visit to Guilfest, but I am sorry to say that it was not the last. My companion – who shall remain nameless at her own request – indicated that she was in no way interested in discovering the secrets of the silent disco, so we agreed to meet later on and I wandered into the sea of silent dancers.

There are no words to describe how odd it is to see a large group of people dancing to unheard music, and clearly not the same music, in a large tent. Every now and again one sees someone dancing to their iPod, but nearly five hundred people dancing to headphones? It’s just odd, there is no other way to put it. I put some headphones on and fell into the groove.