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Day: November 17, 2008

365 Ficlets – #192 ~ “Wrong Bar?”

As I stepped from the cold rain into the dingy bar I wondered if I had found the right place. I scanned the room and saw three aging barflys, a half-dead, middle-aged female bar tender, and a dog. The woman was smoking, flouting the recent changes to regulations with regard to smoking in bars, but it gave me hope that she might not give a shit about me smoking in her place. She clocked me;

“Evenin’ sugar. What can I getcha?”

I thought about this for a moment and decided not to veer too far from obvious domestic brands. Of course if I had found the wrong place I would be leaving, but there was no sense in making waves;

“Bud’n’a shot o’ Blackjack, please Hun.”

She smiled, winked and went to work. The barflys nodded, as if to say ‘A young’un but he knows how it’s done’.

Ten minutes later I was on first name terms with Ted, George and Frank who were propping up the bar and more than that I knew that they all served together in ‘Nam. Steph behind the bar had apparently been sweet on each of them at some point…

So I’m up late waiting for PA Photos to upload…

Young Male Lion - Day 2, morning game drive...

Busy, busy weekend, but time for one more from Africa…



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