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Day: November 26, 2008

More gig pics…

I only had time to ‘do’ the pictures from the D.S.A. gig from a couple of weeks ago, as well as one more T.A.T.E. pic – here’s one of each…

D.S.A. –

D.S.A. Live at The Rising Sun, Reading

Anna from The Airborne Toxic Event –
The Airborne Toxic Event, Live in Bristol - Anna tunes up...

More to follow after the weekend…


365 Ficlets – Day #201 ~ “Directions”

“Turn left up there.”

I shot her a quizzical look;

“And why, pray tell, do you think that left is the right course of action? I mean you do have the map upside down.”

The look I received in return was less quizzical, more homicidal if the truth be told. We had been orbiting Sudbury for some time now, trying to find the right arcane combinations of turnings to end up on the market square in order to pick up the third member of our party from a pub called The Monkey Wrench, where he had been staying the night before.

“Well, don’t turn left then. See if I care. Of course we’re going to be late if you don’t start listening to me instead of just randomly turning ‘the way that feels right’ as we come to junctions.”

She did have a point, and I was starting to dread the endless ribbing I was going to receive from Ferdie, when we finally picked him up. He was not going to care about being kept waiting, or even arriving late to the wedding. That would not stop him needling me about it all day though.

“Okay then, left it is.”

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