The Odyssey Continues…

6 Aug 2010 Maleghast

So, work finished and I was back on the bike between White City and Euston…  First of all, I have realised that Notting Hill has the word “hill” in its name for a reason!  Still, the ride went well until I made a miscalculation at Marylebone High Street and had to dismount and cross Euston Road on foot.  This was the beginning of the end of footloose and fancy-free riding; the Euston underpass is not a venue for cycling or cyclists…  Anyway, after a short walk into the station and a couple of false starts with a couple of Fast Ticket(tm) machines I was on the train, bike stowed in the rear baggage compartment, and so here I am blogging away furiously in order to kill time while the queue at the buffet goes down… 😉

In two and a half short hours I will be back on the bike heading to Chorley from Wigan – I’m really looking forward to that part of the journey; after all I hate trains!

See y’all on the flipside…

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